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LinkBus Presentation
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Open Source

You can download Source Code and Release on Github.

Apache License, Version 2.0

uC programming


Program most of AVR (ISP, JTAG, PDI, HVPP) and PIC (PICICSP).
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Android Connected

Control UART device from your tablet.

Receive and Send data to your device.

LinkBus program an ATMega88



Programming an AVR...

Read/Write Flash, EEPROM, Fuses on AVR Family.

Control your 3D Printer from anywhere...

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LinkBus Controls Ramps

On RAMPS/Arduino Mega the UART is connected with LinkBus to control a 3D Printer.

LinkBus Presentation

Connect anything, anywhere...


  • TCP/IP connection
  • Program most of AVR (Tiny, Mega, XMega)
  • Program most of PIC 10F/12F/16F/18F
  • Physical Interfaces I2C, SPI, PICICSP, USART, HVPP(I/O), JTAG
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Command Line
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Android, IOS, WP8.1
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